Our Commitment

The Eagleby Community Association Inc has a long history and it continues to flourish by serving the needs of the Eagleby residents of the present day.
We are committed to making all our clients, stakeholders, staff and volunteers aware that we promote opportunities for choice and participation. We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information which it collects, holds and administers.

We host a huge range of social, educational and recreational activities run by our community centre, community clubs and other non-profit organisations for people to engage, participate and connect.

We offer our community facilities to individuals or groups who wish to organise or hold health and social functions, meetings, seminars and conferences, parties and wedding receptions. (Note: Due to COVID-19 restriction on social distancing, we suspend weddings, engagements and birthday parties in the halls).

Our Management


From its foundation in 1983, the Eagleby Community Association Inc has been governed democratically from within its membership. We have a Management Committee who is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee manages the community halls and is supported by volunteers who also oversee the office administration, programs and activities, events and various community initiatives.

Our Organisation

The Eagleby Community Association Inc operates and administers the Eagleby Community Centre and Eagleby Community Hall.  We are proudly supported by Logan City Council, Sisters of Charity Foundation, Tucker Foundation, non-profit organisations and private individuals and businesses.  

Our Services

Our services care for people in all stages of life: Inclusive Youth Social Club, Ladies Friendship Club, Adults and Seniors Fitness Groups. Starting July 2021, we will offer a multicultural playgroup, kids club and seniors connect activities free of charge. Our services include hardship relief program, volunteers’ program, counselling, psychologist, community outreach, information and referrals.

We partnered with other non-profit organisations, charities and foundations and private groups in providing various activities for the Eagleby community such as dance classes, fitness groups, church groups, playgroups, mini sports and ladies friendship groups. We provide the community halls for these groups free or low fees for maintenance of the halls.

Operating for thirty seven years in the Southern part of Brisbane Queensland, the Eagleby Community Association Inc is run by  dedicated volunteers who are committed to deliver quality community services of social value and practical benefits.

Our Mission

To provide relief and support directly to people in need and promote flexible social and community services to the public.

Our Vision

A future where the Eagleby community have a good standard of living and equality of opportunity.

Support Us

We are always looking for volunteers who can assist us in providing administrative and program activities support.  If you would like to apply for a volunteer position, please let us know by filling out the form below.