Venue Hire

Eagleby Community Hall in Fryar Road and Eagleby Community Centre in Cowper Avenue are venues of community activities organised by the Eagleby Community Centre and other non-profit organisations.

The community halls are also available for hire. They are excellent venues for functions, conventions, weddings, engagements, ceremonial events, parties and other private events.

Individuals and groups can hire these halls on a casual or regular basis. Terms and conditions apply.

For pricing and more information, please call 3807 3833 or 3807 0109.

Eagleby Community Hall

Location:   94 - 112 Fryar Road, Eagleby

Bookings: Phone  07 3807 0109 between 9am to 2pm Monday to Thursday


Size :           accommodates 300 people theatre style  or  180 people banquet style


  •                      Large Stage
  •                     Polished Parquetry Floor
  •                     Industrial Kitchen
  •                     Parking
  •                     Air Conditioning
  •                     Disability Access
  •                     Tables and Chairs

Eagleby Community Centre

Location: 8 Cowper Avenue, Eagleby

Bookings: Phone: 07 3807 0109 between 9am to 2pm Monday to Thursday


Size:            accommodates 150 people theatre style or 80 people banquet style


  •           Large Stage
  •           Disability Access
  •           Parking
  •          Polished Parquetry Floor
  •          Kitchen
  •          Electric Fans
  •          Fully Fenced Backyard with Children's Playground Equipment
  •          PA System
  •          Chairs and Table